Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Ever since I came up with my "oh so clever" {note the sarcasm} name back in 2008, I've been asked, quite a lot, what's the meaning of it. Well, by that time, I was really into sushi and cupcakes for no particular reason. I tried to merged the two of them and ended up with Sucup.Shicake. I kind of liked it but it was too long for my lazy fingers to write/type so I started going by Shicake. It's just the end of sushi and the end of cupcake as my header implies: "a blog fueled by sushi and cupcakes". Plus, I like the sound of it. {I'm still into sushi and cupcakes though}

The other day I was trying to draw something regarding the name. Only problem is how exactly do you relate sushi and cupcakes... it came up after 5 minutes of not-so-serious thinking. After some doodles on my sketchbook, a 4 hours nap and some tuna and crackers, I went to my computer and started painting.

The main point was to make a background for my twitter account that I could use freely without feeling guilty about using some weird image found on google. I made the banner and then started making the pattern that will be used as my background.

I kind of got bored after that so to explain my name a little better I made a sort of poster describing the Anatomy of Shicake. Pretty handy.

♫ Rome by Yeasayer

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  1. Love this concept. I would totally try a sushi cupcake. Also, I love that you were listening to Yeasayer for this entry.