Saturday, April 27, 2013

{Film Keychain}

One year ago, I had to take my first photography class. Since I had to use an analog camera I had to buy film. A lot of film. Don't get me wrong, I prefer how the photos turn out in analog photography over digital but spending 2-3 hours waiting for my film to develop in a quite far place is no cup of tea.

The first time I went to develop I asked the guy if it was ok for me to get  some of the empty canisters he had around. I was aiming for 2 or 3 but he ended up giving me 10 {pretty neat}. You can do a lot of things with empty canister but I settle for keychains.

Extremely easy to make and very eye catching if you ask me. Some people have gotten some of them. Oh so nice to know people like stuff you make.

Riot Radio by The Dead 60s

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