Friday, August 10, 2012

{I Love NY}

Really, I do love NY
Last Wednesday we have a trip to NYC provided by  the amusement park I've been working this summer.

Starting with an early rise {Around 05.00} me and my friends, Patricia and Natali {You'll see them in the photos more than you'll see me so they are the models for this post}, headed to the park to meet with the others and headed to the big apple.

Lots of ravens, fog {I might add I love fog} a lots and lots of laughs.

Around 10.00 we finally arrived to the center of  NYC! I've been missing this city so much! We started walking around and just enjoying everything.

We ended up in the Fashion walk of fame. Lots of  tall buildings, lots of people. At one point we saw a group of beautiful ladies walking around and I kept staring at them when I realized one of them was Lisa Jackson from ANTM! Natali just starting shouting at me "THAT'S THE GIRL FROM ANTM! THAT'S HER!"

After that beautiful 10 seconds emotional moment, we went back to our search of looking a place to eat something aka we were desperate for food. We ended up in Chipotle. As soon as we open the door there was this key-chain with the Dominican flag on and we were just like "Mmm well..." and, of course, the guys working there couldn't be more Dominican. We chat a little while they were serving our food. From where we are from to "US$1.25 to add avocado?! You can buy a goddamn avocado for RD$20.00!" Thanks Patricia.Oh and the design for everything in Chipotle? Oh boy... I just died and went to hand drawn typography heaven {If you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm a sucker for hand drawn things}

We headed back to Time Square where I personally stalked some people. I found a group of Asian but one in particularly caught my attention. Well, her pretty little brown boots did.

We went to Toys R Us where we were just fooling around with everything.

Then we went to Aeropostale where Natali bought some stuff. Since I'm not an Aeropostale lover I
just went to the upper side of the store to see the city.

Then we went to the Disney store where I was almost crying since they have things with the "Old Mickey" which is my favorite!

Wandering on the streets we found a lady promoting Chicago, a street artist making a portrait of a dog and some random food stands.

Something that killed me was the Duff and Flaming Moe cans we founded on a gift shop *cries*

WE FOUND A RECORD STORE! *More cries* it was too much. I didn't want to leave, ever. I found records from The Strokes, Green Day and a bunch of other artist and I just... I can't.

Ended up in Madame Tussaud's where they have Morgan Freeman outside. Then we went to Ripley's where this man was putting a swore down his throat.

After this the camera just died but we just went shopping and sightseeing. It was a pretty good, tiring day at NYC and I'm really looking forward to go back.

OH, by the way, NYC knows me too well to have a bakery shop named Baked by Melissa with a cupcake logo. I love you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

{Fan girl moment}

Look what I found while wearing this t-shirt.

It was a really emotional moment.