Monday, May 6, 2013


I love miniatures. I really do but its kind of complicated when I try to make them myself. Ever since 2011 I think, I started making "wonderlands" in small crystal containers with the main object being mushrooms and woodland related things. There has always been something appealing for me about wood and moss, especially moss, that is just beautiful. Since I don't exactly live in a "mossy" area, I try to add little pieces of it to any space by making this uh... things or globes if you want to call them that.

I found the globes one time I was out with my dad and he suggested I should get them to do "something similar to the small mushroom things you do". After thinking about it I decided to get them. Guess they came in handy in my times of boredom.

As for this one, since my sister kept buying baby food for my new niece, I kept all the containers... and they were A LOT. Not that I'm complaining. I made a lamp out of this one but I had to redo it cause I was planning to sell it but didn't.

Missing You by Green Day

Sunday, May 5, 2013


You might have seen this somewhere else. I surely did.
A couple of years ago, I saw this really cool bracelet made out of a bended fork and I told myself I will do that someday. Guess that day arrived... 7 months ago. Yeah, yeah, I'm posting stuff I made 7 months ago but at least it's something. The hard part came when I had to find a fork that could bend enough for me to make a bracelet out of it. Luckily, I found it on my first search.

My brother had this really cool powder paint which stick on any metallic surface it touches and then, by taking the piece into the over, it will adhere to the piece leaving no runny/ brush marks/ etc behind. Pretty neat!


  • Cheap fork
  • Pliers
  • Paint
♫ Submarine by Ocean Lips