Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Continuing with the NJ adventures, last Thursday we had a Luau party at the park.

After dealing with a brief self-conscious attack and working from 10.00 to 17.00, the party started with some pizza and other refreshments.

It was a really nice day. We took pictures with a lot of the other international students including people from China and Jamaica.

P.S.: I'm the one with the stripped gray and white shirt in cause you were wondering.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

{Hello NJ}

As many of you might have notice, I haven't been posting a lot here {or anywhere}. The reason? well... I'm currently living in New Jersey for 3 months as an exchange student.
Not the most exciting place to live but it's ok I guess. I've been meeting a lot of people from different countries which is great {Note to self: try to talk more} some are nice, others are not that nice as far as I know but let's hope time will make things better.

Me and my friends went to Pennsylvania with a guy from work {I'm working in an amusement park}to visit this sort of waterfall. We were not going to go for some reason but the guy just showed up at our apartment at 8.00 and demanded us to get dressed immediately.

With no food in our precious stomachs, we had to make a detour to Subway where we had 12 inches subs, one per person thank you very much.

We went back to the road and we finally got to the place. After a long walk we arrived at the waterfalls.The only problem" it was too cold. EXTREMELY cold! Not THAT cold but I'm not used to it shut up!

Oh and it was raining... The place was really beautiful though. Every time I looked at the floor there were mushrooms hiding behind tree trunks and twigs and I just wanted them all *cries*

We passed Philadelphia and I kept gawking at the buildings the whole ride. I need to visit Philadelphia  asap!

I'll try to update my stay in New Jersey as much as possible so be patience my devoted followers.

4 Chords of the Apocalypse by Julian Casablancas