Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Pattern Shorts}

Back in NJ while I was working for the summer I had to wear khaki pants as part of my uniform.
I got this really cheap long ones while I was there in our {me and my dearest} no. 1 option when it came to shopping cheap/ actually good clothes.
One day while I was working I felt pretty badly to the ground {that was kind of embarrassing...} and they got this weird spot on my upper tights. No good. So after thinking what to do with it I decided I was going to paint them.
Got some scissors, made the pants shorts and started painting my pattern. Good thing: Pretty damn proud of how they turned out. Bad thing: I have no more red paint *sad life*

Another thing that I got but haven't had the chance to tell you all about was a bunch of old analog cameras. I got them from the same store I got the pants. I know the Olympus one is working, not sure about the other two. If they don't, well they make pretty decoration/ photo props.

Materials {Shorts}:
  • Long khaki pants.
  • White, red and black fabric paint.
  • Black Sharpie®
  • Scissors.

Sous le ciel de Paris by Yves Montand

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