Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Bloody Nails: The Tutorial}

Wow that tittle was so intense.
I've been bombarded with questions regarding this nail design I did a while ago.
"How did you do it?" "I want tutorial D:<" etc, etc...
The thing this I suck when it comes to making fancy, well explained tutorials but since I was bored and stressed out yesterday I took some photos and I'll try to do my best to explain.

You'll need:
  • Base coat.
  • White nail polish.
  • Top coat.
  • Red acrylic paint.
  • Water.
  • Brush.
  • Piece of old wood or plastic.

First step is to apply base coat to all your nails.

After that,  get some white nail polish and paint your nails as many times as needed.

Here comes the messy part. Grab your brush and deep it in some red acrylic paint diluted with water {You can use red nail polish diluted with some nail polish remover but I just cannot stand the odor of the polish that much} and start "splattering" the paint in the brush in your nails. You can help yourself with a little piece of wood, plastic, cardboard or else.

Let it dry. Apply top coat.

And you are done!

♫ La Complicidad by Cultura Prof├ętica

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