Friday, March 1, 2013

{Samba Vexillographica}

Every time I listen to Devendra Banhart's Samba Vexillographica the line that goes "La bandera de California tiene 10 piernas rotas. Llenas de tus tiernas gotas que salen al revés, salen al revés" always gets stuck in my head. One day while I was at University the lines just popped in my head and I started doodling and this came out:

I'm always afraid to trace a scanned drawing digitally but this didn't turn out that bad. I'm planning on doing more like this in a not so near {or probably near} future if I finished the People + Me series which, by the way, I have more than a month with the second of the series. Oh, so lazy.

♫ Samba Vexillographica by Devendra Banhart

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