Thursday, April 26, 2012

{XV Feria Internacional del libro + MAM}

Remember the poster I simplified the other day? Today I decided to visit the XV Feria Internacional del Libro with some friends.
It is actually, as it names indicates, a book fair where you can find a large variety of books but also some goods like clothing, jewelry, food, etc. We didn't had the chance to visit the whole fair cause it's huge! but we did stopped at several stands and, of course, we visited the craft area. Sadly Katherine aka ~my homework model had to go home earlier cause she wasn't feeling well {I love you Katherine!}

Since the Museum of Modern Art {MAM} is in the same area where the fair is held we decided to pay it a visit. Always a pleasure visiting the museum to appreciate some local and international artist's work.

Ever since I visited the museum a few months back I always visit this installation whenever I have the change. It consists of hanging half egg shapes showing projections representing people's different fears {Drowning, religion, etc.}

We found an interactive installation where we were supposed to pick one of the tittles of the map and burn them but there were no matches. Sad life.

On the lower level of the museum was an origami exhibition. The interesting part of it was that all the origamis were made with recycled materials. From old newspaper to water bottles combined with old black & white magazines. At the center of the room was this gorgeous tree with hanging origami cranes that I felt completely in love with! We had a guide who was one of the artist and he told us we could actually win the tree if we enter a contest. In order to enter, we had to guess the age of one of the pieces but neither of us guess right. Bummer.

At the end of the exhibition, the guide told us that he was gonna teach us how to make a simple yet pretty origami that could be used as a letter.

Good thing: "Well done!" is what the guide told me when I showed him my origami {ego alert}

♫ Wining a Battle, Losing the War by Kings of Convenience

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