Monday, July 25, 2011

{PataPON + Tutorial}

Patapon, I really like that game. After not knowing what to do in the past few days, I end up making a patapon pendant. I made a small tutorial {the first one I've ever made} of how to make one of this pendants:

  • Air dry clay.
  • Rolling Pin.
  • Acrylic Paint. {White, Black}
  • Brushes.
  • Cutter.
  • 2 blocks of wood {I used the little wood pieces that comes with canvas but you can use any other object}
  • Circular Objects {in my case I used an old tempera container}
  • Wire with loop.
First, grab an amount of air dry clay and put it between two blocks of wood (the wood will work to defined how thick you want the pendant to be) and roll it with the rolling pin.
You will end up with this:
Grab your circular object and press the clay. You will have a circular shaped clay. This will be our pendant base.
Grab another piece of clay and make a rectangular shape. You can use a ruler to help you make the rectangle.
With the help of the back of the brush, put the rectangle with the circle. This will be the top of out pendant.
Grab three little pieces of clay. Roll them into long sausages making sure one part is bigger than the other.
Put them on top of the rectangle. Add the wire with the loop in the middle sausage.
Get some black acrylic paint and paint the pendant black. Let it dry. After the black paint if dry, add a circle in the middle then add another one with black paint.
If you want to, you write something on the back of the pendant related to the game. I added the name of the game in Japanese.

And you are done. Just out it on your favorite chain and you are done!


  1. voy hacer uno de eso !!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  2. hahahaha siempre he tenido curiosidad... de que trata el jueguito? xD