Friday, June 24, 2011

{Hello Ze Strokes!}

Oh you know...
More The Strokes stuff. I needed a case for my computer and I came across this plain black and red one. Boring plain stuff I can't live with so I made a little something:
I was planing on painting the white part too when I realize I didn't have any white fabric paint. I end up using a piece of orange Foamy {since I didn't have white} and painted it white.

  • Plain Computer Case.
  • Foamy.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Fabric Paint.
  • Glue Gun.

1 comment :

  1. Great idea, and I love The Strokes!
    By the way, leave more room for the comment section because after someone writes a comment the word verification appears and the section where you enter the word verification's cut off somehow and one must press tab to get past it.
    That happens in Internet Explorer and Opera browsers, idk about Firefox.