Friday, April 22, 2011

{Keep Calm and...}

I enjoy dyeing paper with coffee.
I was trying to go for the old yellowing look here so basically what I did was torn all the border of the paper, dyed it with instant coffee and burned the borders. After that, I printed the letters I wanted to put in the paper and use a fountain pen to paint them:

This is not gonna be mine, it's for a friend that really likes Harry Potter and I felt like doing a little something for her. I think I'm going to glue a white or black feather but here is the final piece:

  • Instant coffee.
  • Black fountain pen.
  • Fire {I used my stove}.
  • Canson.

1 comment :

  1. Ron Weasley: How long do you think she'll stay mad at me?
    Harry Potter: Just keep talking about that little ball of light touching your heart, and she'll come 'round.